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    Greenrich Energy 5kWh ...

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    The Greenrich Energy UP5000 Battery is a high-performance lithium-ion battery designed to store and maximize the use of solar energy. With a capacity of 5000 watt-hours and advanced charging and discharging capabilities, this reliable battery ensures efficient energy storage for your home or business. Benefit from clean and sustainable energy with the UP5000 Battery.

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    INVT 5KW Inverter, Lit...

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    A solar bundle consisting of:

    • INVT 5Kw Inverter
    • Lithium Valley 5.12KkWh Lithium Phosphate Battery
    • 8x JA Solar 460W Solar Panels
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    Vision 12V/ 200Ah Lith...

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    Vision Revo SP 12-200 Lithium Battery

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